Dear Esteemed Stakeholders,

We are excited to introduce our collaborative approach to
elevate your organization’s community engagement and
environmental initiatives. Our goal is dedicated to driving
meaningful change, in sync with your commitment to social
responsibility and sustainable practices.

Since 2018, my educational insights have been implemented in
the corporate sector, thanks to experts from the business,
consulting, and social spheres who have joined my team. Our
mission is to assist companies like yours in creating
tangible, ground-level solutions that fulfill your impact

For 20 years, as a Global Educator, I have developed social and
environmental projects worldwide, focusing on equipping
youth with skills and knowledge to navigate and shape their
future, to overcome global challenges.

We have uplifted tens of thousands of children and hundreds
of underprivileged youth and women across three continents,
enhancing their human and technical skills. Simultaneously,
our efforts have also bolstered businesses and their

Win-Win Connection specializes in customizing educational
CSR projects, ranging from coaching marginalized groups to
global health missions, ensuring flexibility to meet each client’s
specific needs.. Our approach is robust, combining a deep
passion for meaningful results with adherence to corporate

This has been made possible through strategic alliances with
forward-thinking corporations, prestigious universities,
international schools, supranational organizations,
government bodies, as well as local institutions and nonprofits
in Spain, Italy, Botswana, and Peru.

We look forward to potentially partnering with you to create
initiatives that align with your company’s culture, values,
and goals. Thank you for considering us for this exciting

Thank you!

Marta Vernet
Team Leader
Win-Win Connection

Marta Vernet
Marta Vernet

Social intrapreneur at The American School of Barcelona. Social entrepreneur at Win-Win Connection. Passionate about education and connecting the youngest with their communities.

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