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open letter from Marta Vernet

Dear Stakeholder;

We are excited to introduce our collaborative approach to elevate your organization’s community engagement and environmental initiatives. Our goal is dedicated to driving meaningful change, in sync with your commitment to social responsibility and sustainable practices.

For over two decades as a Global Educator, I’ve dedicated myself to developing social and environmental projects on a worldwide scale. My focus has been to equip the youth with the necessary skills and knowledge through community service, empowering them to navigate and influence their futures amidst global



Since 2018, I have channeled my educational expertise into the corporate world, supported by a team of specialists from business, consulting, and social sectors.
Together, we are committed to guiding companies like yours in devising practical, real-world solutions that achieve your impact goals.

Win-Win Connection specializes in customizing educational CSR projects, ranging from empowering marginalized communities and advancing corporate team dynamics to orchestrating global health campaigns. Our approach is driven by a deep passion for delivering meaningful results that comply with corporate standards and accommodate each client’s specific needs.

We have uplifted thousands of children, underprivileged youth and women across
three continents, enhancing their human and technical skills. Simultaneously, our efforts have also bolstered businesses and their employees.

This has been made possible through strategic alliances with forward-thinking corporations, prestigious universities, international schools, supranational organizations, government bodies, as well as local institutions and nonprofits in Spain, Italy, Botswana, and Peru.

We look forward to exploring opportunities with you to develop initiatives that resonate with your company’s culture, values, and strategic objectives.

Thank you for considering us for this exciting journey.

Marta Vernet.

Csr Consulting Bcn

Win-Win Connection

Established in 2018 in Barcelona, Win-Win Connection is a non-profit social impact consultancy, fostering educational collaborations between businesses, universities, supranational organizations, NGOs, and governments for mutual benefit

Our mission focuses on creating impactful, inclusive partnerships to tackle social and environmental challenges, driving sustainable solutions and positive community change.

csr consulting team

Meet the Team

Marta Vernet
Global Education & Community Engagement
Manolo Garbayo
Corporate Partnerships & Project Management
emmanuelle Diehl
Senior Advisor
International Law & Human Rights Advocacy
Ashley Holst
Coaching Lead
Tech-Integrated Curriculum Innovation & Development
laura Sabate
Project manager
Community Development and NGO Collaboration

win-Win Connection Projects

Making Change Happen

Corporate | Esade | UNHCR / ACNUR | CEAR | CSV Milano

Advancing under-served women’s HR employment skills.

Barcelona and Italy

Building Digital Equity for Refugee Women

HP | Esade | UNHCR / ACNUR | CEAR | Asociacion Kudwa

Boosting refugee women’s digital and professional job skills.


Commitment to Action

United Nations | Esade | CEAR | Spain Government

II Global Refugee Forum Champion Commitment Pledge

Green Social Well-Being

ISGlobal | European Union | System Change CrowdDoing 

Nature-based social prescription to improve corporate well-being.


Entrepreneurial Dukwi Refugee Camp

Botswana Ministry of Justice | Cornell University |  Dukwi Camp 

State-backed entrepreneurial initiative for refugee camps


Recycling With the Community

Esade | Magone Foundation | Carmel Neighborhood Council

Enhancing Barcelona’s Recycling through community-led efforts


Preserving Natural Parks

Posets-Maladeta | Collserola | ASB | St. Pauls | Rotary | Governments

Supporting government initiatives in natural park missions

Pyrenees and Barcelona

Medical Outreach in the amazon

Peruvian Navy | Power of a Nickel | University | Government of Peru

Teaming up with the Peruvian Navy to aid river communities.

Peruvian Amazon

University-Led Consulting

Esade | Cornell University | Corporate l Governments 

Guiding students to transform ideas into real-world impact.

Barcelona | New York 

Cross Cultural teamwork


Empowerment Training

Practical sessions to empower participants, build cross-cultural and teamwork skills, support education and equality for SDGs, and collaborate with global companies.


Professional Advancement

Acquire professional training, attain university certification, improve confidence and networking through continuous educational support for better job market opportunities.

coorporate social responsability Barcelona

Coaching for Impact

Utilize coaching expertise for transformative effects, aid beneficiary integration, strengthen team unity, and develop skills for impactful causes.


Community Involvement

Enhance community support for at-risk groups, apply professional skills in coaching, and partner with leading educational, supranational, and NGO bodies.

Social and Environmental Impact

coorporate social responsability barcelona
Participant Testimonials
"The workshop was immensely valuable to me, and I wished it could have been longer. I'm grateful for the corporate coaches' efforts and hope for their continued support with our learning"
Participant Empowerment Program
"The workshop significantly boosted my well-being and self-confidence. I'm very satisfied with the course content we received and thankful for the enriching training."
Participant Empowerment Program
“Overall, the training, with its focus on networking and professional skills, was very helpful. My only suggestion would be to extend the sessions by an hour for more in-depth learning."
Participant Empowerment Program
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